Support a School

Is your school listed and have a crowdfunding campaign? If so, it will be listed below with a link to the Crowdfunding campaign. Click on the link and do what you can to support your school and get the Classroom Secure Rapid Lock System at your school at no-charge to the school or district.

If your school is not listed click here to nominate your school to receive the FREE the Classroom Secure RLS units needed for their school. Classroom Secure will then setup a crowdfunding, Crowdfunding campaign for your school. Remember, without your support and help to spread the word the campaign may not make its’ goal. Spread the word today and share your school’s link. With the help from everyone in your community——the school, parents and the PTA’s support and involvement, Classroom Secure can get your school’s Crowdfunding campaign funded and get the Classroom Secure RLS installed at no cost to the school.

Spread the word and let’s secure our classrooms!

To check to see if your school has a campaign started click here.

Without your help and the help of others we cannot get these units into the schools. So any support possible helps make the goal.

See if your school is listed click here.