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Would you like to have your school receive the Classroom Secure Rapid Lock System for all of their doors for FREE? It’s easy. Just fill out the form below and share the link to Classroom Secure website; spread the word, tell your PTA, tell other parents, let everyone know that you want the Classroom Secure Rapid Lock System at your child’s school. Each school will be listed as its own crowdfunding campaign. The moment the Crowdfunding campaign meets the goal for your school Classroom Secure will ship the needed number of units for that school. Plus an additional 5 unit per 100 doors as spares, or if they need to install units to additional doors.

Classroom Secure needs to know the full information on the form. When your school receives 3 nominations Classroom Secure will contact the school, the district Superintendent about the nominations and campaign for the school. You will receive an email of the initiation of the crowdfunding campaign. Once the school and district have agreed to start the campaign you will receive a URL to share to your friends, the school PTA and anyone else you want to tell about the Classroom Secure Rapid Lock System campaign. Without your help and the help of other we cannot get these units into the schools. So any support possible helps make the goal.

See if your school is listed click here.

If you school or district does not want to do a crowdfunding campaign they can directly contact Classroom Secure ( and directly purchase the units from Classroom Secure.

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