What is Crowdfunding and how does it work?

Classroom Secure utilizes the power of Crowdfunding to fund and support the cost of the Classroom Secure RLS for your school. This way it does not cost your school or school district anything (zero, nada, zip).

Your school’s campaign is being conducted by Classroom Secure for your school, once your school is nominated and registered by your community, a parent or student; you do not need to administrate, worry about, or do pretty much anything. Classroom Secure does everything.

We do ask that you do all you can to spread the word of your campaign and we will deliver to your school tools and materials that you can use to do this. Get your students, teachers, PTA involved in spreading the word of your campaign. Tweet, Share, Post on Facebook of your campaign. The faster we can get your school funded the faster Classroom Secure can get the Rapid Lock System installed at your school.

The world of Crowdfunding is a global community that funds projects and products by the global community funding the project or product. What Classroom Secure is doing is have the Crowdfunding community fund your schools Classroom Secure RLS units and installation. This way there’s zero cost to your school and you receive the safety and security the children and staff are assured with the Classroom Secure RLS.

So spread the word, send links to everyone you know of your Crowdfunding campaign and remember Classroom Secure only wants our schools to be safe and secure in case of an emergency. Together we can get the Classroom Secure RLS in your school.