Q: Where are the Classroom Secure Rapid Lock Systems made?
A: We are proud to support the US economy and they are made right here in the United States, in a small family run manufacturing company in Modesto, California. Nice thing is we can get units very quickly and the quality is of the highest!

Q: Does the Classroom Secure Rapid lock System work on any door?
A: Yes, most all schools use a standard ‘Grade 2’ commercial standard lever handle. The Classroom Secure RLS was designed specifically for these handles, and which are standard in most all schools.

Q: How long will the Classroom Secure RLS last?
We say a lifetime, but then, there are factors that come to play. With the original install and setup being done properly the Classroom Secure RLS should last the lifetime of the door, with simple adjustments annually. This will be done by a hand-picked certified Classroom Secure installer.

Q: Why not just install manual deadbolts on the doors?
A: For the same reason schools are not allowed to lock the door from the inside. While a deadbolt will do an excellent job of locking down the door, it would also not allow for any type of access from the outside – imagine an intruder gets in a classroom and then deadbolts the door? No one could get in. With CSRLS, the door is effectively locked down to the outside, however the key will still unlock the door and allow access. This is what makes the CSRLS so unique.

Q: How does the Classroom Secure RLS work?
As the videos on the website show. A teacher would unlock their classroom, upon first entry, activate the Classroom Secure RLS in the ‘open’ position and relock the door. This sets the door in the locked (we call activated) position. The door is basically open and can be easily exited or entered by staff and students. In the moment of an emergency the teacher turns the handle to locked (horizontal) and the door is immediately locked. This can be done in milliseconds.